We Are Back

We Are Back

After a couple of years away, where we closley watched the swimming world as it looked to ignite a new competition, we decided 2022 was the right time for us to return. However, we also decided it was time for swimming to be about the swimmers. The true swimmers who just love swimming, whether they are still trying to break the 60 second barrier, just like to follow the black line and zone out for 30 minutes, love the surf and the feel and noise of the waves as they wash over you or are still competing and just love the rush of being in a race. Premier League Swimming is here to bring swimming back to you, the true heart of swimming.

Swimming is so much more than just swimmers who want to make it to the top of their sport. It is so much more than the elite few who manage to make it to the national level and beyond. Swimming is part of Australian culture and the joy of being involved in swimming lives long after the days of competing and spending all day at a swimming pool.

Time for a Change

We feel there is a time where every sport needs to pivot. To find a niche that ensures we remember what the sport is about, who it is about, and how it fits into todays society and lifestyles. We felt there was something missing from swimming. We looked deep into the culture of swimming and where swimmers found the sport fun. We looked at other sports and what made people come together to feel a part of something that wasn’t individual, wasn’t just about themselves but was about a group of people achieving. Everyone has a story about the team they remember that made the sport they took part in all that more special.

So we set about creating the PLS tournament. As it began to come together we knew we had created something so unique in the sport of swimming that it needed to be available across all streams of the sport. It needed to be a part of a new swimming community that embodied the essence of the sport, people that love the water.

“Swimming is for the people, for the entire swimming community and it should be fun, exciting and most of all inclusive”

Sean Rowe-Hagans
Premier League Swimming CEO

PLS Tournaments

Premier League Swimming created PLS tournaments, a format that allows people that love swimming to create a team of like minded people and enjoy a new style of swim event. PLS1 will be our first tournament and will showcase our progressive knockout program. Every team will compete in 3 events, culminating in their own final. Even better is that we have developed a format that allows us to run the entire tournament in 2 days!

This is a truly exciting time for the sport, a time where the swimming community have a chance to engage and be a part of something brand new. This is an opportunity for everyone in swimming, that loves swimming, to come together and embrace swimming as a team. We can’t wait to see you all and talk to you at our first tournament.



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We Are Back

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