PLS Event Results

Swimming But Different

16 Teams -> 8 Swimmer Teams -> Progressive Knockout -> Cash Prizes



Premier League Swimming events do not provide times for the races as we are all about the points. We also do not provide names apart from team names as our events are about the teams and not the individuals. But we do understand that swimmers love comparing themselves to each other, so for PLS-2 results you can find out your individual race points score (as long as you remember what your PLS team number was!)

Our events are different from any other swimming event you have been involved in. Even down to the fact that at no point in our events will you be racing a clock. These swimming events are designed to make you think about racing all the other teams around you. There is no bonus for world records or personal bests at our events, but there is a bonus if your team  manages to win every race in your round. The MAX OUT is a 180 point clean sweep. 

Key Elements of a PLS Event

There are some key components to consider when entering a team into a PLS event. The below highlights the four key parts of a PLS event:

16 Teams

16 teams from every area of swimming – pool, surf, tri, masters and casual swimmers all come together to create a unique swimming event.

8 Swimmers Per Team

Create your own teams, no affiliation needed, no coach needed, no management needed. Just pick who you want to be in a team with and create it. Team name, team song and fancy dress are mandatory!

4 Boys 4 Girls

You will need to have 4 males and 4 females to make up a team for a PLS event. But you can get your swimmers from anywhere, Surf swimmers, Masters, Tri. Our teams are often a mix from the whole swimming community.

2 Individual 2 Relays

Each team member can only swim in two individual events and two relay events. Time to get strategic.

How it Works

Each event will be slightly different but the below gives an overview of the event process;
Register with PLS to become a PLS member and receive updates and early bird entry details for a PLS Event. PLS events sell out quickly as only 16 teams can enter each event.

Register Your Team

When event registrations are released jump onto our website and register your team. Dates, venue, costs and requirements will be released and first in best dressed. So register now to get early bird entry information.

Attend the event

Make sure your team know where to be and when to be there. The tournament, rounds and races will run whether you are behind the block or not. If you’re swimmer is not up on the block and racing you don’t get points. Simples!

The Breakdown

This maximum 8 team round will begin to determine where you stand in the tournament. At this point nobody knows each others teams and strategy. Top 4 progress up and bottom 4 progress down. No matter what you will still have one more round to compete in.

The Showdown

The big one. Every team will have a showdown!!

Every showdown will have a cash prize fund. So bring your ‘A’ game to the final event and make sure your team is ready. Don’t forget the rule, no swimmer = no points. If your swimmer is not behind the block the race will go on.

How to make a team work

It is important to remember that this is not an ordinary swim event. It involves strategy, planning, and a bit of luck to make it through to the top-tier final. 

As you put your team together make sure you are thinking about how you will strategize to maximize your points in every race. 

Think about whether you need someone to make sure that at every race you have a swimmer. Organise, strategize, supersize, and fraternize!!! 

Most importantly be prepared to come along and have fun. This is all about bringing the element of fun back to swimming. Sing, cheer, dance, jump around, and enjoy yourselves. Don’t take yourselves too seriously!!

Actually, serious teams may be called out to explain themselves in the form of dance!