About Us

Premier League Swimming

Premier League Swimming (PLS) originated in 2018 with the aim to bring new swimming competitions to the Australian market. After engaging with a number of swimmings governing bodies, it became apparent that there was little appetite for a new form of competition and that the focus was to remain on high performance athletes. Although we continued our efforts, and the swimming community was very enthusiastic, the logistics. timing and lack of support from the higher echelons of the sport led to the team putting Premier League Swimming on hold.
However, like any good idea we knew that one day we would be back to support a swimming community that was desperate for a new and exciting format for the sport that they all loved. Luckily this has allowed us time to rethink the market (whilst watching many other new competitions come and go) and bought us to the conclusion that our events won’t just focus on elite athletes, but will also provide an avenue for anyone that loves (loved) swimming to remain competing in a fun and exciting environment.

In 2021 we re-invigorated Premier League Swimming and bought together the old team and some new members to bring an independent competition to the sport of swimming in Queensland. This exciting new format will be available to all swimmers, old and new, pool, open water, or surf, and finally bring more excitement to a sport that really needs some disruption. Being independent allows us the freedom to deliver what we feel will change the perception of the sport and bring fast-paced, team-based swimming to everyone that loves the sport.


We have put together a team of talent that will deliver on all fronts for our teams of swimmers. Our complimenting skillsets in a wide range of sport and business over a combined total of 45 years experience in swimming, business and sports event management make us well placed to create an exciting new swimming competition.

Sean Rowe-Hagans

CEO / Managing Director
Some say he attended two Commonwealth Games. It has been said that he even met the Queen. But his true talents have been found in working across businesses to build transformational architectures to make them work better. And now he is working with the team to make swimming better (well fun!!). His endless enthuisiasm and willingness to persevere to find a solution make him the perfect CEO for PLS. Just don’t give him any more ideas!!

Matthew Britton

Head of Network Development & Coordination / Director
As a swimmer, Mat makes a good soccer player and fighter. While he fought inThai boxing and played soccer semi-professionally, Mat swims like a brick. Ironically “The Brick” was his fight name because of his hard head (not because of his swimming ability). Mat loves to help people and is always up for a good chat. In fact getting to the other end of the shopping centre without him stopping you would be a good idea. Hence, he’s a perfect fit for Network Development. Mat is passionate about health and developing and guiding our youth through life and where possible uses sport to make it as fun as possible. And that’s exactly what Premier League Swimming is all about. Just make sure when you bump into “the Brick” that you have a getaway plan!